Silicone Makeup Egg Drying Beauty Powder Puff Blender Sponge Holder

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Are you looking for that special place to keep your make up sponge clean & dry? Our innovative design case keeps your sponge fresh, dry and ready for its next use.

Silicone Kitten Holder 

The cute kitten design case is an ingenious and compact way to protect your make up sponge when out and about or travelling. The hollow design provides ventilation so your makeup sponge is easy to dry after cleaning. Your  cosmetic sponge is kept dry, hygienic and protected from bacteria and mould which may cause acne and spots on your face. Our kitten shaped beauty makeup cosmetic puff sponge holder is compact, easy to carry on business trip or daily use. Lightweight , convenient, doesn't take up too much space in your make up bag. Features a cleaning function on the base, so you can easily clean your sponge when required.


Apply your makeup like a pro! Optimise your beauty with our innovative magic miracle makeup sponges. These makeup sponge will give you a flawless, air brushed, pixel effect. Versatile designed for evenly blending makeup for that smooth, enhanced finish and reduction of pores. Made from hydrophilic non-latex antibacterial silicone foam to keep your skin bacteria free. Features 3 distinct surfaces to give you 3 ways to apply your foundation. Flat edge- for contouring around eyes and nose. Precision Tip-for coverings imperfections and blemishes, uneven skin tones. Rounded Side- for blending large areas of the face, dabbing motions. Comes with a case/box for easy storage and to protect your sponges from bacteria and moulds which can cause acne or spots.

Face Cleaning Brush

It is created with premium silicone material, which deeply cleans your skin. A very versatile cleaning brush. Used as face cleansing brush to exfoliate dead cells, remove blackheads, rejuvenates your skin and deeply cleansing your face. So soft can be used as a baby bath massager or wash your baby's delicate scalp and hair. Suitable for as a washing brush pad for your dishes/plates etc. Get yours Now!

Product Information

Sponge Holder
Material:  Soft Silicone
Size: 5.7x9CM



Material:  Hydrophilic non-latex antibacterial silicone foam

Material: Latex Free Hydrophilic Sponge

Function: Makeup Sponge with Storage Box
Features 3 distinct surfaces to give you 3 ways

 Flawless, air brushed, pixel effect.

Weight: 8g
Material: premium silicone

Size: 6.5 * 5 * 1.5cm

Cleansing brush to exfoliate dead cells, 

Remove blackheads, rejuvenates your skin and deeply cleansing 

Please Note

If used daily, we recommend washing the sponge once a week with a Gentle facial cleanser.

Baby shampoo or any low soap will work. Rinse well and air dry.


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