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Unisex Body Detox Slimming Magnetic Therapy Foot Acupuncture Insoles

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Are you struggling to lose weight? Our magnetic insoles may provide the key! Acupressure from magnetic insoles has been scientifically proven for weight loss in both men and women.

Why you'll love our insoles-

Weight Loss

Our insoles work on trigger points which stimulate metabolism. Reflex zones in people's feet correspond to each organ responsible for fat storage of excess weight. These slimming magnets emit magnetic waves that weaken fat cells in the body. Application of Acupressure therapy on these zones on feet act by eliminating body fat reserves specifically on organs responsible for absorption of calories. Crafted to act on parts of body which are most sensitive for excess fat storage. Magnetic insoles influence these zones and instruct the body eliminate that extra fat. Wear the insoles for one-two hours daily and enjoy weight loss while walking or doing your house chores.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of magnetic insoles, reduce muscle pain, relieve stress, can promote blood circulation and excretion of toxins. Improves blood circulatory system. Strengthens health,  immune system & improves sleep

Your Comfort

Our magnetic insoles are comfortable to wear in any shoes and not bulky. Our insoles provide cushion for your feet, reduces foot /heel pain. The insoles are super easy to use, reusable, easy to clean and can be cut to your perfect size. Suitable for use by both men and women. Walk your way to weight loss and enjoy from only £10.99 Buy Now!





Comfortable massage effect.

 Reduce muscle pain and pain, relieve stress.

 Many massage points effectively massage the feet.

 Magnetic massage for the feet can promote blood circulation.

 Absorbing the heat, urging the material erased from the blood vessel, such as calcium, lactic acid, uric acid excrete out quickly.  Circulate your blood with fluidity.

Material: Silicone
Feature: Quick-Drying

Feature: Anti-Slippery

Feature: Hard-Wearing

Feature: Sweat-Absorbent



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