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IPL Facial Body Permanent Hair Remover Electric Laser Epilator Device

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Our professional Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the most popular technology applied in hair removal. Remove hair safely, effectively and easily at home. Replaces traditional hair removal methods like endless hair removal, shaving and waxing. 

Easy to use

Our IPL hair removal system is suitable for both men and women to use on the face, armpit, arms, bikini contour, chest, back and legs. Laser hair removal is used for both women and men. With advanced IPL laser hair removal technology, the IPL hair removal device can achieve hair removal in 8-12 weeks more smoothly and get flawless skin. During this process, your skin will only feel a little warm and will not leave any traces on the skin. The light will only affect the hair follicles and will not harm the skin.

Permanent Hair Removal

IPL works inside pores, destroys hair papilla, thus achieves permanent hair removal, best option for removing body hair. The instrument adopts IPL photonic beauty technology and uses intense pulsed light to directly illuminate the skin to produce Photobiochemical action. Our IPL can reorganise the regeneration of collagen fibres and elastic fibres in the skin, restores skin elasticity, improves blood microcirculation. It eliminates or reduces wrinkles, hand strong pulsed light can penetrate the skin and be selected absorbed by the pigment group and the auxiliary tube.

Fast and Painless

Painless, according to the skin tolerance, the optimal energy level can be adjusted freely. Providing the gentle treatment painlessly and easily , without hurting the skin. The LED light clear shows the energy level. Laser hair removal upgraded to 990000 flashes. The IPL hair removal system is equipped with a liquid crystal display to clearly see the remaining number. Fast and Big Treatment Area: 4 cm² spot size not too big or neither too small for any body curve, high efficiency and fast speed that just takes several minutes to remove the overlapping hair which is difficult for traditional hair removal method.

Safe and Convenient

Safe, no influence on normal sweat and sebum secretion. Convenient, portable design and easy to use. Long Life, quartz Lamp for hair removal has a long life and durable.   Our IPL hair removal system has a safety mechanism to protect your eyes, the intense pulsed light is activated only when the device is in contact with the skin. No batteries or charging required, simply plug in the device adapter and contact the machine vertically towards the skin to begin treatment
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Product Information

Material (s) : ABS

Laser hair removal upgraded to 990000 flashes. 

Name: IPL  Epilator

Input : 12V / 2A

Power : 24W

Power Type : Electric

Safe and Painless
Laser hair removal is used for both women and men.

Advanced IPL laser hair removal technology, 

Permanent IPL laser hair removal system is the best option for removing body hair. 
Easy to use and effective
Money Saving and Super Long Life
Usage : Bikini, Body, Armpit, Bikini




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