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Self-Heating Sports Protection Wrist Pad Wrist Band

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Is wrist pain slowing you down? Our wrist brace may relieve your pain. Self -heating wristband produces heat to help relieve pain, providing 24 hours protection. The wristband can relieve weak damaged wrist (as  a relief tool doesn't provide any treatment). Crafted from polyester and spandex, this wristband is soft and won't damage your skin. The heat therapy promotes circulation, eases stiffness providing comfort and relieving pain.            Self-heating wristband is suitable for use to relieve pain from carpal tunnel, tendonitis, generalised wrist pain and other sports injuries. The wristband makes great gift options for family and friends who struggle with wrist pain. Get your for only £9.99. Free UK shipping. Buy Now! 


Size: approx. 40x7cm / 15.75 x inches.

Material: Polyester+ Spandex


  •  Sports Protective Equipment accessories, 
  • standing basket row sports, 
  • cycling sports, other ball sports,
  • martial arts self-defence etc


Instructions for use

The fixed position with the thumb hole for, wrist strap with the hook loop, the tightness can be free to adjust by yourself. There are two ways to use it: one set on your fingers with a thumb hole, another is a ring around your wrist without a thumb hole






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