Baby Reusable Waterproof Cloth Nappies with Bamboo Charcoal Inner Layer

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Millions of nappies end up in landfill in our seas/oceans and on our beaches, choking our sea life and harming our ecosystems. An estimated 3 billion single use nappies are thrown to landfill every year, one disposable nappy takes approximately 500 yrs to decompose. Using reusable nappies could save more than a million seabirds and hundreds of marine animals. Reusable nappies are affordable, economical and can save you a lot of money. Our super soft washable reusable real cloth adjustable nappies not only help reduce this negative impact on our environment but are also kind to baby's delicate skin. Creatively designed with waterproof colourful outer layer decorated with nature prints featuring animals, trees, flowers and illustrations, the PUL outer layer prevents leakage and features a bio-fit design. Adjustable in size, thanks to snap technology, these nappies are equipped with snap button fastenings on the waist and double snap rows down the centre to adjust according to your baby's snug fit. The inner layer of our baby washable cloth adjustable nappies is made from bamboo charcoal, known for its high porosity properties. Various impurities or foreign matter will be absorbed over the wide surface area of the charcoal. Bamboo charcoal also adjusts humidity, absorbs high humidity moisture converting it to dry air and discharges its own moisture if air is too dry, thus adjusting the humidity in the air. Thermal regulating ensures that your baby is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Bamboo charcoal fibre's hypoallergenic properties are non-irritating to your baby's delicate skin, making it ideal for skin sensitivities or other allergies and dermatitis. Our reusable waterproof cloth nappies have superior absorption properties than cotton with up to 60% more, thanks to the various micro-holes which allow the diapers to have superior absorption. Breathable, the porous qualities of bamboo charcoal fibre gives great breathability and is extremely comfortable against baby's skin. Bamboo charcoal fabric contains a natural occurring anti-microbial agent that prevents bacteria from breeding, which means odour free! These nappies come in various colours so you can easily match your baby's style. They make perfect gift options for expectant mothers or birthday gifts. Get yours for only £10.56 Free UK Tracked shipping. Buy Now!









Product Information

Age Range: 0-36m

Suitable weight:3-15 kg

Adjustable in size

Snap technology
Outer layer material: waterproof printed PUL
Inner layer material: bamboo charcoal
Insert: Use with 5 layer bamboo charcoal insert
Insert size:13.5 x35cm
Why Bamboo? 

Hypoallergenic properties are non-irritating

Bamboo charcoal fabric contains a natural occurring anti-microbial agent 

Prevents bacteria from breeding - odour free

Higher absorbency 60% more than cotton

Adjusts humidity

Thermal regulation

Breathable,  reusable, washable &soft



Care Instructions

Care Instructions:

Wash cloth diapers separately from other laundry

Separate insert  from diapers.

If solid, shake off solid waste into the toilet.

Rinse in cold water.

Machine wash at warm, using mild detergent (Less Than 95 °F, 35 °c)

Hand dry, do not use fabric softeners, bleach & dryer sheets.


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