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EMS Warm and Cool LED Light Therapy Sonic Vibration Wrinkle Removal Skin Tightening Device

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Bringing treatments out of the salon into your home is what our glow range does best. Our hot cold EMS LED sonic vibration wrinkle removal skin tightening device revolutionise your skincare routine. Made from ABS & steel, it is durable, portable, lightweight and USB charged. Easy to carry so you can take it with you on holidays for that fresh looking glowing flawless skin anytime home or away. Large LCD screen for easy to read. Convenient design base for convenient charging and storage Our EMS warm and cool device is designed to diminish wrinkles, reduce enlarged, oily pores, to revitalise and rejuvenate your skin. Features 5 modes with 3 Gears, cleaning mode, hot and cold compress, EMS mode for moisturizing, Collagen and metabolism mode. The device can target on different skin types with different skin needs. Proven to improve, solve major skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, deep cleansing, moisture locking and scar removal in 12 weeks of continued use. Based on various beauty principles, hot, cold, vibrations LED acting like a mini hoover, this device gives your skin a well-deserved spring clean, like the professional salon technology. 

 How it works

 Acoustic Vibrations beauty principle

Each person's face has at least 3 million pores, cleansing  liquid and hands only clean skin surface. Features advanced technology micro-vibration which cleans your face 8000 times per minute, high frequency vibration, vibrate out deep pore oil, deeply cleanse every pore.  Cleans difficult to remove oily pores, cleans out the pores of oil residue.

Hot and Cool beauty principle

Research shows heating up skin at 42C helps to produce heat shock protein (HSP), repairs skin cells and strengthens skin elasticity to resist formation of wrinkles. The warm treatment helps to dilute the pores for deep cleansing while the cold effect of up to 6c instantly tightens pores and locks in nutrition. Alternating warm and frozen skin care, it stimulates circulation at the bottom of the skin and speeds up the metabolism of cells. Effectively eliminates eye circles and lines. Brightens skin, enhances skin firmness and relieves fatigue

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Principle

EMS Micro Current Massage accelerates metabolism, renews skin cells; relieve melanin and firm wrinkles, helps restore elasticity and makes your skin firm, smooth and delicate. Activates skin cells, stimulates, rejuvenation of collagen, improves skin elasticity, soften wrinkles and leaves skin looking smooth and glowing. 

Ice Sense Effect

Helps skin firmness, maintains flexibility, prevents allergies and other skin problems. Shrinks pores, locks in moisture and reduces wrinkles. Smoothens muscles, relieves skin fatigue, tension and reduces skin redness, pain and repeated growth of acne. Cool compress function (6℃-8℃-12℃) shrinks pores and keeps the skin care products on your skin for long time.

Warm Effect

Helps relax muscles, relieves pain. Stimulates blood circulation acceleration so pores can open and helps skin to quickly import all kinds of skin care products, absorbs double skin and makes skin more elastic. Hot compress function (38℃-40℃-42℃ ) helps open pores quickly and efficiently to absorb skin care 

 LED photon beauty principle

Ion+ export: Using the absorption power of positive ion, it removes dirt and aging skin behind the pores. It has higher detergency than normal makeup remover. Ion- import: By passing a weak electric current, vitamin C and water-soluble beauty useful ingredients are ionized and delivered to the back of the skin (dermis layer), leading to a more moist and transparent skin.

Red light wavelength deeply reaches into the skin, to promote blood circulation and collagen regeneration enhances skin elasticity, makes the skin smooth and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Red light therapy (wavelength 620 nm ± 10 nm) Makes skin elastic, improves skin sagging and wrinkles. 

Blue light wavelength deeply reaches into skin to kill bacteria, promote blood circulation . Destroys bacteria conducive skin environment, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, removes acne, acne scars effectively. Blue light therapy (wavelength 470nm ± 10nm) effectively  suitable for acne removal and also disinfects your skin. Blue light also helps to heal any  inflammation. 

Get that flawless glowing skin you have always wanted. Get your LED  sonic vibration wrinkle removal skin tightening device for only £54.95 Free UK Tracked Shipping. Buy Now!

Product Information

Material: ABS + steel 

Main body net weight: 145g 

Battery capacity: 1000mAh 

 Sonic Ion LED Photon Beauty Instrument
Type: Electric Facial Beauty Instrument

Voltage: DV 5V 

Temperature range: 6-42 ° 

Vibration frequency: 10000RPM 

Charging time: 2.5 hours

 Current: 500MA Power: max. 8.5 W

Commodity Quality Certification: CCC
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

 Skin Rejuvenation, Tightening, Moisture retention, 
Galvanic Ion +/-
Facial Clean
Dead Skin Removal
Electrical Facial Massager
Promote nutrient absorption
LED phototherapy
Microcurrent facial massager
Export stains

Not Suitable for 

1) heart disease patients

2) During Pregnancy/ Gestation

3) Skin disease/with skin lesions.

4) Sensitive Skin

5) People prone to sunburn












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